Custom Countertops for Lisa

Custom Countertops for Lisa



*Pricing for Maple*




63-1/4 X 32 X 1-1/2: $880.12

52 X 36 X 1-1/2 w/ CNC modifcations: $862.00


Total Countertops: $1,742.12



30 X 10 X 1-1/2: $111.18/ea; 2-1/4thick: $225.74/ea

12 X 10 X 1-1/2: $44.36/ea; 2-1/4 thick: $88.96/ea

24 X 10 X 1-1/2: $89.26/ea; 2-1/4 thick: $180.44/ea


Total shelves @ 1-1/2: $355.98 

Total shelves @ 2-1/4: $720.88


Shipping estimate from John Boos warehouse to your residence with liftgate assistance: $450.00

**Use code 200SHIP at checkout to save $200 on shipping for your custom order**


Ultra Premium Maple Tops Northern Hard Rock Maple is the strongest and most dense of all species of maple. Ultra premium countertops are manufactured with full length continuous rails available in multiple widths and thicknesses.  Blended countertops are manufactured with a blend of heartwood & sapwood, hence the color variations, giving it a unique appeal.